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Monday, November 27, 2006

The truth of the world. Version 1.0

God created everything from one, thus marking the start of the universe from an unknown never before seen origin as of that time a.k.a. the Big Bang.

Then after about 5 billion (Earth) years, He decided that there's one blue planet amidst this star shaped swirling galaxy (which is just one of the galaxies among the unknown googoplexes count of galaxies) that harbours about a hundred million or so solar/star system, some unknown number of black holes, star dusts, asteroids, red giants, white giants, immeasurable amount of anti-matter, neutrinos (which existance is still under debate) and also another uncountable amount of planets each, which of this blue planet can support self-conscious life that have the remarkable powers of curiosity, hunger, lust, ideas, insanity, dedication, fixation, dreams and conscience that there is need for a caliph that should reign tall and supreme serving justice, honour and peace to all living being around.

Of course, He does this by sending his guardians of light to specially selected individuals of a certain species on that planet and because of their highest IQ have the power to save entire categories of living beings from any imminent doom and have those guardians train those individuals to the way and practice that is to be the manual of self-conscious life.

For the followers of faith and believers, all will be safe.

Retribution and judgement shall come. Doomsday is amongst us all.

Never be astray from the path of light and all's well shall end well. The world and the hereafter shall be at peace and never again shall evil prevail.

Cracking my head over this was my everyday norm...

~~~Seek and 'ye shall find - The Qur'an

Most encouraging phrase of my life